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Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device

Finally — a web-based, touch navigation, retail furniture software that’s comprehensive and easy to use.

Inventory Tracking

Improve your accuracy and increase your sales with up-to-the-minute inventory data. Developed for retail sales, PointCentric offers sophisticated integration with your inventory system, ensuring customer satisfaction and maximum efficiency.

Mobile Compatible

Finally, a Retail Management System that moves with you. PointCentric is accessible on phones, tablets and laptops—increasing your customer engagement with real time data and unparalleled agility—all with no app required!

Cloud Based

Your business demands flexibility and efficiency. Created for IOS and Android, Apple® and Microsoft®, PointCentric provides access to your data, anytime, anywhere—and no app required.

Easy to Use

Clean design and custom features ensure a seamless integration with sales, inventory, vendors and customers. With intuitive touch screen navigation, PointCentric is incredibly easy to use.

25 Years of Software Innovation

Myriad Software continues to be an industry leader, providing innovative software solutions to hundreds of retailers across North America. Myriad’s new mobile platform, PointCentric, introduces a comprehensive web-based, touch navigation software considered among the most advanced Retail Management Systems industry-wide.

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