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Myriad Software provides comprehensive, high quality, instructor-led training classes. Our goal is to enable our clients to begin using the software as quickly and efficiently as possible, by providing a small class environment and individualized focus. Initial training is completed in only four days!

The instructors at Myriad Software are trained professionals who provide dynamic, hands-on instruction for each new client in our comfortable, professional training environment. Additionally, each student learns and practices using the software with challenging, real-life scenarios.

Our training classes are offered in San Diego, California, at no charge to the client. On-site classes are also available. With products designed to be easy to learn and use, your team can bring their knowledge back home and continue to train others in your organization.

Clients will leave the training class with an implementation plan and an assigned training specialist. Our training specialist will assist and encourage the client throughout the entire implementation process, until they are comfortable with the software and ready to go live. In the client services department, our support staff continues an on-going working relationship with the client. Unlimited toll-free support is available through our 800 number.

Additional help on best business practices, on-site instruction, and specialized classes are available. We provide on-going training through our annual user conference and our talented staff at Myriad Software. Working together as a team, we aspire to meet your company’s objectives in using our software, while exceeding your expectations.


Unlike other companies, MYRIAD answers your questions directly from our offices in San Diego; no outsourcing, no foreign contracts. By keeping support and Training in-house, you get your questions answered easily and quickly by our employees who know Eclicktic inside and out. Most importantly, if our team identifies a small glitch, we can quickly fix the issue. In addition, top priority issues requiring a programming fix can be escalated and included in an upcoming patch or new release.

We keep track of each and every contact with you so that on subsequent calls, we know the exact issues we have previously discussed. Our logging system and personal interaction means that you don’t have to “start at the beginning again.” And, our phone system delivers you directly to a support representative.

Along with upgrades, enhancements and remote log-in access, our toll-free Support is included in your Eclicktic purchase and annual Support Maintenance fees. From 6:30 am – 4:30 pm PT we are here to answer your questions toll-free. You can also email your questions 24/7 and responded to within 24 hours during business weeks and 1-2 business days when submitted on a weekend. Emails are prioritized based upon impact to operations. In the event of an urgent after-hours issue, please contact your company’s IT/Network Company as recovery from backup may be the most expedient solution.


Myriad Software has the future in mind. Our Development Department is constantly improving and expanding our existing products, as well as researching new technologies that keep us ahead of the competition.
By listening to our clients and studying industry trends, our applications grow in the direction that benefits our client base as a whole.

Custom development is also available. Our highly trained and experienced development staff will produce enhancements to our products at your request, provided those enhancements meet Myriad’s stringent design requirements.

In our partnership, clients may typically strive to look for what is needed to improve today’s operations. Myriad Software is also looking into the future and is ‘forward-thinking’ to evaluate industry needs as well as new technology to bring the greatest benefit to our clients. This sets Myriad apart from our competitors since we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and business trends.


Each Myriad Software release is accompanied by an impressive set of thorough, accurate, and detailed documentation, in the form of Online Help and Release Notes.

New projects in development include step-by-step “How To” instructions for many common tasks, new training and system administrator guides, animated tutorials, and a redesigned and expanded knowledge base.

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