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Myriad Software was founded in 1990 by Carolyn Crowley and Russell Higgins. Its original product, Big Ticket Retail Manager, was a fully-integrated business package that was designed specifically for the Home Furnishings retailer. Over the last 10 years, Myriad Software developed and sold a windows-based product, Eclicktic™, and Eclicktic BE to home furnishings, carpet, appliance and consumer electronics retailers. This robust software system manages sales, inventory, inventory control (including bar-coding), accounting, special order tracking, customer history, and more. Myriad Software has quickly amassed over 350+ impressive mid-size clients running over 11000+ retail locations using their Eclicktic and Eclicktic BE products. Myriad Software’s success can be attributed to their superior product design and exceptional customer service. They continue to be the #1 software solution in the Home Furnishings industry with a new and existing client base that enjoys a long-lasting relationship with Myriad Software.

Client Services

The Client Services team at Myriad Software offers a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and empathy to Myriad customers. Myriad’s quick-response technical support system is unmatched in the industry.

The impressive Client Services staff also delivers a suite of highly-praised training courses to get customers started managing their businesses the Myriad way. Client Services keeps customers up-to-date and successful with frequent high-quality customer-education and informational materials.


Of course, the Development Team at Myriad Software is built of experts in retail management and accounting software and experts in new technology.

These specialists in software design, application programming, database development, technical documentation and quality assurance are continually working closely with the myriad and clients team to develop the software that Myriad customers have requested.


Myriad Software provides comprehensive, high quality, instructor-led training classes. Our goal is to enable our clients to begin using the software as quickly and efficiently as possible, by providing a small class environment and individualized focus. Initial training is completed in only four days!

The instructors at Myriad Software are trained professionals who provide dynamic, hands-on instruction for each new client in our comfortable, professional training environment. Additionally, each student learns and practices using the software with challenging, real-life scenarios.

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